Prima Power makes its entry into Blechexpo with some stunning solutions for the sheet metal working industry. The eP Genius 1030 bending solution, the Laser Genius 1530 fiber laser machine, the Combi Genius 1530 and the servo-electric technology of BCe Smart bending cell were all displayed at the recently held trade fair.

Prima Power specialises in the production of machines and systems for sheet metal working. Right from applications such as laser processing, punching, shearing, bending, and automation, the machines have it all. With a presence in 80 plus countries, the firm boasts of manufacturing facilities in USA, Italy, Finland and China. This year, the company also made its debut at the much talked about trade fair – Blechexpo 2019 in Germany.

At the show, Prima Power made heads turn with its stunning display of solutions. These included the firm’s new bending solution, the eP Genius 1030 which comprised a servo-electric press brake eP-1030 along with an automatic tool change storage. Ideal for minimum batches, the reliable solution offers precision and accuracy in its performance. Manual set-up of the machine is not required when using this bending solution.

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The eP Genius 1030 solution also comprises of an eP Genius press brake with 15 axes. With a maximum tool capacity up to 32 meters, the press brake is claimed to be the most versatile machine in the eP servo-electric range and offers automatic CNC crowning, 5-axis back gauge and IRIS Plus angle control system on CNC-controlled motorised arms. All in all, it is a perfect combination of tonnage and work capacity (105 tonnes with a bending length of 3060 mm).

The eP Genius 1030 solution is also equipped with an innovative tool storage which is capable of accommodating a total of 32 meters of tools to be placed on 8 tool holder supports that move on 3 axes. It also ensures that tools with a minimum length of 20 mm up to 515 mm can be handled with ease.

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The company also introduced the Laser Genius 1530 fiber laser machine with 10 kW laser at the mega show. With a piercing time of less than 1 sec, and new cutting nozzles granting a reduction of gas consumptions, the machine is highly accurate and productive. The laser machine is also equipped with linear motors, carbon fiber carriage, intelligent process sensors and can be used across all industrial fields. The Laser Genius can easily be integrated with other modules such as the automatic sorting system LST.

In addition to these solutions, the company also exhibited the integrated laser-punch technology –the Combi Genius 1530 and the servo-electric technology of BCe Smart bending cell.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1500w

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