Phillips Industries Thursday released its July issue of Qwik Tech Tips. This month’s issue shows technicians and vehicle owners how to build a custom battery cable for a commercial vehicle application.

Phillips Industries states in this month’s issue that battery cables can be purchased pre-assembled or they can be custom built to accommodate differing lengths and stud sizes. But the company also notes, pre-assembled battery cables might not always reach the battery terminals or may create disorganization if cables are too long.

“Custom building your own battery cables can easily be your best option, especially when you may be working with multiple vehicles that don’t have the same specifications,” the company says.

Phillips Industries says there are three different ways to build a battery cable. The company describes them as follows:

This month’s Qwik Tech Tips also offers six steps for technicians and do-it-yourselfers to follow to make their own battery cables using the popular crimp and heat shrink method.

To read more from Phillips on this method, and other tips when it comes to battery cable assembly, please CLICK HERE.

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