VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski Compares Julian Edelman to a Squirrel Who ‘Gets That Nut’ on FOX Debut

Rob Gronkowski appeared on the Thursday Night Football pregame in an analyst role before the New England Patriots – New York Giants game. After a profile of his former teammate, Julian Edelman, Gronk explained in great detail the many reasons why Edelman is a squirrel. Furry, cute, elusive, gets that nut. Got it. At the end, Gronk transformed into a wrestler cutting a promo for a show that was never booked. Though there is ample opportunity now that the WWE and Gronk are both officially FOX properties. After tonight’s debut, Gronk will be appearing mostly via taped segments according to the New York Post. That’s a shame because Gronk was made for live television. “Whenever he gets a chance he gets that nut just like he gets a first down, just like he gets the touchdown, just like he’ll give you a catch when you need it” –Gronk on Julian “The Squirrel” Edelman ????? Bolt, Nut, Thread Rod, Flat Washer, Spring Washer, Screw – Jiangyu,

‘That is bad journalism’: Trump official lays into CNN anchor for reporting on Trump-Xi phone call

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro got into a heated back and forth with CNN’s Jim Sciutto after the anchor began asking him about a phone call President Trump had with Chinese President Xi Jinping. CNN reported Friday morning that in June, Trump promised Xi that the United States would remain silent on the pro-democratic protests that have gone on for months in Hong Kong while trade talks were ongoing between the two countries. Navarro appeared on the network to discuss the new job report from September, but Sciutto pivoted topics to talk about his own reporting on the phone call. “You assert that as a fact, though. And I read that story carefully, and Jim, from a journalistic point of view,” Navarro began. “Hang on. I wasn’t privy to that phone call. But here’s what I do know. That story had, what, sources, what, familiar with the thing, who are these people? This is the issue.” A2-70 304 Hex Socket Flat Head Screw “That’s based on anonymous sources who want to hurt this president,” he went on. “That was bad journalism.” “It’s a frequent point to go to the sources,” Sciutto responded. “By the w...